When is the soonest I can have my lights installed?

Feel free to contact us at any time; scheduling starts in September as we begin to fill the installation calendar. Advance notice of 2 weeks is preferred however we are able to schedule and complete an install within a few days.

Must I be present during the install?

No, it isn’t necessary for you to be home during install, as long as our Twinklers have access to outdoor power outlets.

Can you tell me when you are coming?

Yes, we will provide a window of time on your scheduled day.

Who will install my lights?

Our Twinklers will! Think Santa’s elves, but handier. A 3-person crew who have all endured a Basic Training & Safety standards class, to be exact.

What should I do if my lights aren’t working or need servicing?

Simply contact Twinkle and our Twinklers will service your lights within 24 hours

How does the removal of my lights work?

Twinkle takedown begins the first week of January.

Am I renting or purchasing the lights?

For both residential & commercial clients, you are leasing the lights.

What if I have my own lights?

Sorry, at this time, Twinkle only offers installation services with our lights. This enables us to provide the exceptional quality, installation, and service of our company.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! If you are a new client book your appointment by October 31st, we offer a 15% discount.  For returning clients, our unique 3 year program reduces your installation cost by 30%, over your 1st 3 years.

When and where do I send payment?

Thank you for asking! For residential services, we will collect payment in full  once installation is complete; for business services, payments are due within 15 business days to Twinkle c/o Twing, Inc, 40 Belvedere, Side 4, San Rafael, CA 94901